...but actually I'm in love with Warsaw and  the people of Warsaw. I have an incredible privilege to live and work in a city owned by people with dreams, ambitions, creative minds, beautiful souls dressed in outstanding clothes in all posible shades of grey;)

I am a photographer and I am seriously currious of your story: 

Publications: Superior Magazine, VULKAN (Canada), FRUK Magazine, Institue Magazine (UK), VULKAN (Canada), Flawless Magazine (US), Elegant, Ellements, [C] Magazine (Love Issue), Next Door Models (Italy), Design Ideas

Selected Clients: Allen & Overy, Behind The Trees Festival, Sii,  Newsroom, Israel Embassy, Royal Dignity Streetwear

Cooperating with: D'vision, A S Management, Uncover, Hysteria Models, SPECTO Models, WAVE Models, NEVA Models, EC Management, Orange Models.